Waiting List

Waiting List Guidelines

Waiting List is exclusively available to Mariners Landing Property Owners

➢ Boat slips are licensed from the Licensor: Mariners Landing Development Company, LLC to the boat owner, the Licensee.

➢ ML Property Owners interested in joining the Waiting List for a boat slip are kindly requested to complete the updated and revised form.

➢ A non-refundable deposit of $500 is mandatory and will be credited in-full to the boat slip fee.

➢ Mariners Landing ownership status and deposit payment shall be validated and confirmed prior to activation on the Waiting List.

➢ Owners will be placed on the Waiting List for the docks closest to their ML property.

➢ Available slips will be offered to Property Owners first based on property location, then active status date.  An available slip may require conversion to Property Owner’s boat type – if so, a conversion fee is applicable and other fees may apply. The conversion fee shall be collected prior to the conversion. 

➢ Passing or refusal of a slip offered will reset the active status date (moved to bottom of list).

➢ We do not accept reservations to move/change boat slips.  Anyone that desires a different location is welcome to join the waiting list and obtain another slip when available.

➢ Long-term boat trailer storage is only available to annual slip licenses for an annual fee. Trailer in-and-outs are limited and require 48-hours advance notice. Excessive requests (more than 4 annually) for trailers shall incur service fees.